Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Should I Dunk in the Toilet

Should I Dunk in the Toilet?
Many parents cringe at the thought of having to rinse soiled diapers before washing them. This is the very reason why many would prefer to use disposables and "throw away" the problem. Dunking them in the toilet is not necessary however. In most cases, all that you need to do is lightly shake any excess feces into the toilet, perhaps using a bit of toilet paper, an old rubber scraper or a diaper sprayer to remove stubborn spots, and then simply throw the diaper into your diaper pail. If you baby is still only drinking milk (especially breastmilk) you need not worry about removing the feces as it will wash right out in the washing machine. If you would feel more comfortable rinsing your cloth diapers, a diaper sprayer that attaches to your commode or bathroom sink is a great idea but certainly not a necessity. Many cloth diaper retailers sell diaper sprayers or mini-showers, as they are often called.

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